We do not approve everyone who wants one of our puppies so please do not be offended as our puppies must take priority. Before being considered we would like to know somethings about yourself first which should be done by email in the first instance including a phone number so as we can call you back.

The things we would like to know are where you live, what work commitments the family have how long will the pup be left on its own for, do you live in a flat or house with or without a garden. Do you have previous experience with dogs or are you a first-time owner?

No full-time workers unless they have made adequate arrangements for puppy care during the day, as puppies cannot be left on the own all day as Cockapoos or Miniature Goldendoodles are very much a companion breed and need the company of humans to thrive. 

We breed puppies from happy, healthy good-natured dogs and need to be sure they will be going to loving family homes where they will be treasured. Children must be taught to respect the puppy but also the puppy must be taught to respect the children and new owners should not have any problems. 

Our pups are sold as PETS first and foremost and are not sold for breeding. The pups can leave us at 8 weeks after they have been vet checked and had their 1st vaccination and been microchipped.

The new owners must be willing to sign a binding contract before being considered for one of our pups also.

You are welcome to ask us any questions whether it is about Cockapoos or Miniature Goldendoodles or as breeders in general.

Price and Deposit

Our Cockapoos are £1500 and our Miniature Goldendoodles are £1950 each.  We know that other breeders charge less or more for their pups, but we feel this is a fair price due to what is involved in rearing a litter of pups and also that fact that we have spent a lot of money extensively health testing all our dogs both male and female. Once you have paid a £250 non-refundable deposit the puppy will be reserved. Please note that although this may sound harsh that if you come and see one of our pups and then say we need to think about it then the pup will not be held because you should have done all your research and all the family have agreed that you are ready for a pup.

We encourage you to view and choose your pup at about 5 weeks as this is when their characters are starting to show, and they are more inquisitive and start exploring.



PLANNED – Please visit our Facebook page for details of our upcoming litters. We post all our exciting news on there. Link on homepage. 





To be considered for our waiting list please send us an email here with as much information on it as you can with regards your family life, work situation, type of home you have etc. Have you owned a dog before or are you first time owners. Let us know what breed you are interested in also colour and sex. Please make sure you give us your full name, the area you live in and a contact telephone number.

Terms & Conditions

Deposits will only be accepted once the litter is born and a week old. Once your reservation deposit is paid, then you will be given the choice of a pup on a first come first pick basis.                               

If when the pups are born the colour or sex is not what you were hoping for then the prospective new owner will have the following options:-

  • Choose another pup from the same litter if available
  • Apply their deposit to another litter in the future.
  • Have their deposit returned to them.

Please note that the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE once the new owners have picked their pup unless:-

  • The pup is withdrawn for sale 
  • If we don’t think the puppy would be suited to you.

What you get from us:-

  • Vet card
  • Fully vet health checked 
  • 1st Vaccination with Canagen L2
  • Pup will be Microchipped
  • Puppy care sheet
  • Wormed with liquid Panacur at 3, 5 & 7 weeks
  • Contract of sale
  • 4 weeks free Petplan insurance
  • 2 year health guarantee on any DNA health testing carried out on the parents.